Calamity Creek, Woodward Ranch - 31 species - 18 July 2009

While in the Trans-Pecos on a herping trip, I decided to check out Calamity Creek on the Woodward Ranch about 15 miles south of Alpine.  The Woodward Ranch is a private property that allows public access for a fee - it is a famous rockhounding locale, but also allows camping, picnicking, and bird-watching.  Having camped there previously, I knew that it had significant (ca. 0.75 mi) access along Calamity Creek, and I had high hopes for finding some interesting Odes.  I was not dissappointed, finding 31 species, including several "lifers" as well as several nice records. 

The Habitat here is a weedy stream that meanders through rocky outcrops in pinyon/oak woodland.  There are several small impoundments that hold water throughout the year (the stream runs throughout most years as well).

Habitat, Calamity Creek at Woodward Ranch

My list includes:
American Rubyspots (lots) no photos

Great Spreadwing (2)

Fiery-eyed Dancer (2) 4th Locale for the state of Texas, and northeasternmost locale - Lifer

Kiowa Dancer (lots)

Springwater Dancer (lots)

Aztec Dancer (lots)

Variable Dancer (lots)

Sooty Dancer (lots)

Blue-ringed Dancer (lots)

Arroyo Bluet (lots)

Mexican Forktail (lots) no photos

Desert Firetail (lots)

Painted Damsel (lots)

Giant Darner (2) new locale for species - Lifer (posed)

Common Green Darner (4-5) posed

Serpent Ringtail (5-6)

Sulphur-tipped Clubtail (1)

Pale-faced Clubskimmer (lots)

Halloween Pennant (1) would have been County Record, had I thought to photograph this common species

Swift Setwing (lots)

Checkered Setwing (lots) no photos

Plateau Dragonlet (3-4)

Eastern Pondhawk (lots)

Flame Skimmer (lots)

Widow Skimmer (lots)

Comanche Skimmer (lots)

Blue Dasher (5-6) no photos

Desert Whitetail (2)

Wandering Glider (4-5) no photos

Filigree Skimmer (lots)

Black Saddlebags (3-4) no photos