Icarus Darner (Coryphaeshna apeora)

EDIT 8/5/2018: with Mike Rickard's well photographed records from 2018 (and the 2012 images from his files), my record and Martin Reid's records have now been confirmed at the 1st and 2nd US records for this species. Mike's 2018 record is here: OC 485551. In addition, Martin Reid was able to add 2 additional records for 2018: OC 486252 and OC 486260

I saw this dragonfly on 7/15/09 on Bullhead Creek about 3 miles East of Vance in Real County.  It is about the same size as a Swamp or Regal Darner.  It flew around the pool there for about a minute or so, hit the water a few times (I couldn’t tell if it was ovipositing or drinking), and then flew off and out of sight.   At this time, I am convinced that the evidence points to it being the poorly known Neotropical
Coryphaeschna apeora - a species which is known from scattered locales from Veracruz, Costa Rica, and the West Indies.  This represents the 2nd (probable) example of this species seen in the US (see Martin Reid's record from 2008 HERE). 
I've illustrated some details that led to my identification in the 3rd photo/collage.

TEXAS: Real Co; White Ranch River Resort, ca 3 mi E of Vance - Female - 15 July 2009

see Paulson, D.R. 1994. "Two New Species of Coryphaeschna From Middle America, and a Discussion of the Red Species of the Genus (Anisoptera: Aeshnidae)".  Odonatologica 23(4): 379-398.  To read the species description and form your own conclusions, you can find a  pdf of this paper HERE.

For comparison photos of this species, see:

http://gallery.cs.umb.edu/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=383445 (very similar IMHO)


And to compare to the similar C. diapyra, see: