Let me first say that this website is not intended as a scientific endeavor.    While I have 20+ years experience with native Texas cacti, and have actively sought out native cacti to photograph during that time, I am by no means a cactus expert.  However, while searching the internet for sites on cacti, I have noticed a lack of sites dealing with Texas native cacti identification and range.  Therefore, the main objective of this site is to show the variety of cacti found in Texas using photographs. The opinions on the taxonomy of cactus are as varied as the varieties themselves. I have decided to use Powell & Weedin (2004 and 2008) for the majority of the names used in this website.

On each species account page there are photographs (if available), range map, blooming period, habitat preference, subspecies, and status in the state.  The range maps are very generalized.  The species in question may be found throughout the shaded range or may be scattered in isolated habitats in that range.  I have also included the Biotic Regions of Texas with information and photographs from each region. My favorite sources and website links are also available for your inspection.

If I have made mistakes, if there are other species that I should include, or species that should be deleted, please contact me with your comments.  Please include your reasoning, data, sources, links, etc. that may be helpful in making revisions and/or updates.

I would like to thank Patrick Alexander, Joseph Forks, Martin Terry, and David Blody for the use of some of their photographs. It is very much appreciated. Also, thanks to my older son, Troy, and my nephew, Robert, for sharing some of their photographs.

I hope the site is useful.

Terry Hibbitts